Fairway Hoppa








Fairway Hoppa's are spiked sleeves that fit to most electric and pull trolley wheels. The Hoppa's are designed to minimise the damage underfoot and also lighten the load, too.

The Fairway Hoppa consist of a set of plastic studded wheel sleeves, which wrap around most electric and pull trolley wheels. By lifting the golf trolley up off the ground using ‘GeoFlex’ technology, the Hoppa reduces ground contact by distributing the weight onto the studs, increasing forward momentum and reducing damage to the course in wet conditions. They merely leave dimple marks instead of the unsightly wheel tracks.

  • Fairway Hoppa's make your trolley 40% easier to pull - all year round
  • Fairway Hoppa's make you electric trolley more 30% more efficient*
There’s no stoppin’ the Hoppa!

Please note. Your Warranty might be affected by fitting any auxiliary devices or products to your trolley. If this concerns you; check with your manufacturer.
*Research based on continuous average speed on dry level ground, (blue skies, fluffy clouds, no wind)

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